How are kits and charts presented?

The Design Sheet with all the relevant stitching information required for the design is printed on quality A4 white paper and a General Stitching Instructions page printed on the reverse.  This page is then folded into quarters (to make a booklet) and placed – together with the folded A4 size Colour on Symbol chart – inside a clear plastic sealed package with a label for added security.  For kits – aida cloth, needle and pre-sorted threads are neatly concealed inside the folded pages prior to the package being sealed.

Do you sell fabric or threads separately?

No – my designs are only available as complete kits or charts.  Any separate resources required will need to be accessed from your local craft store.

Can your designs be stitched on evenweave or coloured aida fabric?

Most certainly.  In fact experimenting with different fabrics will create different and interesting effects.  If stitching on different count fabrics though, remember to bear in mind the difference in the completed design size.

Do you have a catalogue?

No – my designs are only available from my website.

Do you offer help or advice with kits/charts purchased?

I pride myself on customer satisfaction and it would be my pleasure to assist with any stitching queries.  Please contact me via my email address with your questions and I will be only too pleased to help.

What if there aren’t enough threads to complete the design?

All designs have been personally stitched by me to ensure the correct amount of thread is included in each and every kit. However, if you find this not to be the case, please contact me via my email address to rectify the problem.

How do I clean my needlework after completion of stitching? 

If care is taken during the stitching process, cleaning of your work should not be necessary.  Unfortunately, accidents can and do happen so I suggest soaking in a diluted solution of mild wash powder and lukewarm water for a short period of time according to the severity of the stain before rinsing in cold water.  Do not squeeze the fabric but rather allow to dry flat on a clean towel out of the sun.

How can I pay?

Payment can be made securely with Paypal for anyone (even if you don’t have an account) and is the only form of payment requested for international customers as it will automatically convert currency.  Buyers’ card details and privacy are protected through Paypal’s secure payments system.  Australian customers have the additional option to pay by direct deposit. Please refer to the Order Information page for details.

Why am I required to pay shipping costs on a PDF purchase at the check-out?

Regular and necessary updates of the site will sometimes affect the original Paypal set-up structure.  Trust and honesty is paramount with my customers and can rest assured that any inadvertent shipping/postage charges will always be reimbursed back into their account. 

How long will it take to receive a purchased kit or chart?

Orders are packaged and posted within 1-2 days of notification of sale.  Australia Post is the preferred postal service and depending on where the order is being shipped to, this can take up to 3-5 business days within Australia and up to 10 days for international customers.   Keep in mind any postal or customs clearance delays.  If desired, you can be emailed the estimated date of arrival which will be available at the time of posting by requesting it at the time of purchase.

How long will it take to receive a purchased PDF chart?

PDF charts will be emailed as attachments to the address supplied at point of sale within 24 hours of notification of placement of order.  Instant downloads are not available.  

Do you mail to any country?

Most certainly.  As long as the address has been entered correctly your kit or chart can be shipped anywhere.

What are your Returns/Refunds Policy?

This is explained on the Order Information page.  Of course, it is hoped that you will be happy with your purchase and it is preferable that you firstly email me with any concerns before considering this action.  Kits/Charts:  Basically should you no longer require your purchased kit or chart, it can be returned unopened up to no more than 14 days after receipt.  A refund will then be made by the same method in which your order was originally purchased when Gumleaf Stitch Designs receives it.  Postage for the returned kit/chart is at the customer’s expense.  PDF:  No refund is offered for a PDF chart.

Can I exchange a kit or chart for another?

Yes.  Contact me to arrange for your preferred design to be forwarded in exchange for the original purchase .  The difference in price (should it be the case) will be rectified during the process.

Do you offer discounts?

From time to time I will be offering sales or discounts on all or certain designs so visit the site regularly so you don’t miss out on an opportunity to save money.

Can I sell my stitched designs? 

No.  All my designs are covered by copyright (as per Order Information page) and as such are for personal use only which includes completed work as gifts.  You may NOT copy, reproduce, send or sell my patterns in any format.

Can I give a chart to a friend to stitch?

No.  This is also in breach of copyright and it would be appreciated if a recommendation could be given to friends to encourage their purchase of any chosen designs.  You may NOT copy, reproduce, send or sell my patterns in any format.