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West Australian Seahorse

A delicate fish endemic to Western Australian waters found clinging to sea sponges and seaweed and with the ability to change to a variety of colours for camouflage. Design Size – 64 x 82mm (2.5

Blue Surgeonfish

An intensely coloured fish with an unusually shaped flat body found on the Great Barrier Reef living on plankton and algae. Design Size – 80 x 62mm (3.1 x 2.4in.) – 44 x 34 stitches Colour

Barrier Reef Anemonefish

Famously known as ‘Nemo’ the Clownfish inhabiting a natural environment of reefs and marine lagoons of northern Australia and living safely amongst the stinging tentacles of multi-coloured

Fairy Penguin

A cute and small flightless seabird found around southern Australia’s coastline coming ashore only at dusk to feed its young in nests which are camouflaged amongst grass or rocks to afford prote

Green Sea Turtle

Travels long distances from tropical waters of bays and lagoons around northern perimeter of Australia in search of nesting grounds for sand-dug nests on beaches. Design Size – 82 x 58mm (3.2 x

Rainford's Butterfly Fish

An attractive and brightly coloured fish found in natural rocky reef environments of the Great Barrier Reef marine waters living on a diet of algae and coral. Design Size – 73 x 58mm (2.9 x 2.3i